February 04, 2012

I have small arms, 26 inch waist, flat chest and flat buttocks, but my thighs are awkwardly huge. I weigh 41 kg, my height is 153 cm and my BMI is 17 which is slightly underweight. It's just doesn't make sense. How on earth I become underweight but my thighs are like the size of a ripe jack fruit. It's like all the foods that I eat run down to my thighs without even passing my stomach and the fat just sit there and multiplying in amount, it is ridiculously annoying. So, I'm working out on my thighs now, been 5 days starting from last Monday. I couldn't see much of a difference right now, but hoping to see it in 3weeks. Can't wait to have legs like chopsticks.

Currently, my thighs are like this, but this one looks normal, mine is like a smaller size of upper body and thighs are exactly like this.

And my target is this.

Wish me luck. Hehe.

In my last post, I mentioned I was proud and stuffs that my friends actually have something to be occupied with, and guess what, now, I am too. Wahaha. Happiness overwhelming. Hihi.